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Tilt Doors

Tilt garage doors are a single panel door which are hinged at the sides and tilt up. These doors will fit into garages which have very little headroom. Mounts in between the garage opening (jambs preferred) and requires a gap all round to provide working clearance. All tilt doors can be automated. Eastern Suburbs Garage Doors can supply Tilt Doors in colourbond steel, timber (WRC) or plywood. Colourbond sheeting can be horizontal and vertical sheeting. We also supply panel-faced tilt doors which are a more contemporary style of tilt door offerring a look similar to a panelift door.

Tilt Door Options

Our tilt doors come in a variety of materials and are available in:

  • Colourbond steel
  • Timber (WRC)
  • Plywood

Colourbond sheet tilt doors can be supplied in either horizontal or vertical sheeting.

Jamb Type Hardware

This tilt door pivots via jamb mounted hardware. When raised, the door will protrude beyond the garage entryway.

Track Type Hardware

This tilt door operates by using a track running beneath the ceiling. When the door is raised to the open position, it will sit almost fully within the garage zone. This door also offers improved weather sealing versus the jamb type.

Check this link for more information on the technical specifications of these doors.

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