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Roller Doors

Attractive, durable and easy to use, roller doors are a popular choice among homeowners. Eastern Suburbs Garage Doors offers high-quality B&D roller doors that are well suited for any garage no matter the size of the opening.

You will find that these roller doors allow for opening and closing with minimal intrusion. When in use, the door rolls up behind the entryway, and then unwinds when lowered without any problems. Roller door operation is smooth and quiet, so you won't need to worry about alarming the family or the neighbours any time you want to access your garage.

Roller doors are very flexible for customisation and can be fitted for a variety of garage openings. Our team of experienced garage door technicians can handle the installation for you without any difficulty.

Check to see if your entryway meets the requirements for installation.

Dimension Up to 3150 Wide Over 3150 Wide
A 380 450
B 480 540
C 40-50 80
D 120 150
E1 Tail End 100 135
E2 Motor End 150 185

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