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Automatic Door Openers

Enjoy simple, secure and convenient access to your home with one touch operation, a smooth quiet motor and easy to operate handset. At the touch of a button, the automatic operator opens the garage door and will light the garage interior. You can drive into your garage while the door closes behind you, all without leaving the safety and comfort of your car.

All operators come with two hand transmitters. For additional safety and security, hand transmitters select a code from more than 1 billion possibilities. Openers are quick and easy to install, additional handsets can be purchased and tuned to your specification.

We supply and install B&D, ATA, Herculift and Merlin operators. One of our qualified technicians will select the perfect operator for your door. All openers come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

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ATA Securacode 433 MHz
B&D 433 MHz
Securacode - ATA PTX5
ATA Triocode
Door Mate Tiltamatic
Elsema 1 Channel FMT 301
B&D Tri tran
Elsema 2 Channel FMT 302
Elsema 202DA
Elsema 4 Channel FMT 304
Elsema FMT 201 301
Gliderole 1 Button
Elsema FMT 204 304
Gliderole 3 Buttons
Elsema FMT 204 304
Herculift 4 Channel
Herculift 4 Channel
Magic Button 4 buttons
Magic Button 4 buttons
Merlin 4 Channel AM Mini Remote
Merlin 4 Channel AM Mini Remote
Merlin M802 Remote